If you wanna ask me a question, report and error on the site, say something you like about the site, or just say hi, you can do all that with the following contacts!

Skype | TroysPortal ofDoom
AIM (AOL) | Troy Chittock
Google Plus | TroysPortal ofDoom
Gmail (Primary) |
Gmail (Secondary: For important emails) |
Booksie | Troy Chittocks TPOD
TeenInk | TroyChittock
Tallenge | Troy Chittock
deviantART (Primary) | InvaderXIO
deviantART (Secondary: For commissions) | InvaderXIO-2
Xbox Live | Sonicboom412
Twitter | @TPODproductions -or- #tpod
YouTube | TroysPortal ofDoom

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