If you want to know something about me, I love writing books. You can read my books below by clicking the links below the descriptions.

THE CORRUPTION (Newest Episode: 1.1 Acceptance)
     Chris once lived a normal life, as a normal person, with normal friends, and everything was okay for him. But, awfully suddenly, an apocalypse came up behind him and sucked him into a world full of monsters and mutants. But this isn't an alien planet, it's his own planet Earth. He has no choice but to fight back and try to survive and continue living on and on, until he dies, or if god forgives and an end may come to this catastrophe?

D(X)UG : An Original TPOD Series
   It all started with a baby dog named Doug who was abandoned on a shipwreck, and the dog survives and grows up on an island called Malibu Island, and becomes roommates with a blue dragon named Lucario and saves two children from the streets named Steelio the lion and Bengt the wolf. When Doug finds evidence on where his missing parents have gone off to, it all grows into a mission full of twist and turns, darkness, and saving the universe from it's final hours and time itself will never be the same.
Read the whole book for free!

D(X)UG : Dual Dimensions
   The team is back again, and a whole new war is on the rise (make that two!). Steelio and Bengt have won, and the rest of our hero's still roam the Earth through the Caltrax universe. But, it is rumored in the universe that at least five spirits have been raised from the dead because of Vince, and now people think he is a liar! With no other choice, the team goes to investigate and try to come back to life, as their own choices might just cause more trouble than they expected. But, Steelio and Bengt are in their own trouble as well... They are being watched, and they need to take every step carefully or else they may fall into a trap... Who will survuive? And who will revive?
Read the special teaser trailer! (Spoilers! Read the first book!)

   Paul has seen better days. He once had a loving mother, a normal father, but always had his awful brother. When his mother passes away, the father undergoes a deep depression and stops caring for Paul, and the brother starts beating him up, and Paul's life goes to hell and he feels as if he's been abandoned. Eventually, his father decides he's had enough, and he sends Paul to an academy named SunWorm, where he must spend the rest of his life until after his college years. From it's prison look outside and it's court look inside, Paul fears the future. But, when he realizes that it's not so bad, but better than what he expected, he tries using the school to fix what has been broken!

Read the book on Booksie, TeenInk, Tallenge, deviantART, or Google (recommended).

SunWorms sequel
   More info on this project will be released soon.

 bReAkOuT: eScApE fRoM rEaLiTy - Coming soon!
   "Limit? That doesn't exist here." bReAkOuT is about a man named Beku, and he tries to visit his cousin Raot for his birthday and the passing of his mother. But, when Beku suddenly wakes up in a train, he starts to lose his mind as the whole world starts making his embrace himself in a series of tough challenges affecting his sanity, and the hope of his brain not exploding. The story also amkes attempts to interact with the reader so it's as if YOU are the one who is trying to survive!
Read the free preview!

CORE - Currently in Development!
   In this fantasy roleplaying game, you play as your own special hero! You start in a camp named Potential Camp, where you are taught the basics of the outside world. But, when a dark evil destroys your only home and your family, you swear revenge and live alone, making choices along the way. You must make tough choices, develop an epic story as you play and take your own path in a world of good VS evil! What path will you take?
Coming soon!

CORE: Unburied Edition - Currently in Development!
   Full of guide books, extras, lost chapters, bonus', stories and more, this add-on to the original fantasy roleplaying game will quench your thirst for the knowledge of the world in CORE!
Coming soon!

bReAkOuT: CLAUSTROPHOBIA - Currently in Development!
   The insanity has returned... In this interactive story game, you play as a man who doesn't remember anything about himself, except that he awakens in a land of grass fields and searches for evidence on his own scrambled past, while discovering secrets about the world he lives in! You make the choices! From time to time, you must make certain choices that effect the story you read, and give you a different ending to the book. With over give different possible endings, you must attempt to make it through a series of challenges having to do with the character sanity and will! Will you break out of the walls, or be crushed and perish like the others?
Demo version coming soon! 

We are the Champions About a young boy who believes he is a champion and fights until the end for his mother's love. Features the original song by. Queen.

Haunted for every Bullet This young boy reviews his entire life as he takes ten steps to doing what he dreamed of doing when he grew up, thanks to a mother's advice.

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