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Neo's Outhouse
Me and my friend Noah created this, a bunch of people who live in an Outhouse together and go on random adventures together.
Season 1
1.01 The Big Black Dog 
1.02 Batman the Babysitter 
1.03 The Neighbors 
1.04 Vacation at the Ski Lodge 
1.05 Sonic 
1.06 Robbery 
1.07 Tin Ball 
1.08 Patmastics (Part 1/2) 
1.09 Patmastics (Part 2/2) 
1.10 DanceOff (Season 1) (Part 1/3) 
1.11 DanceOff (Season 1) (Part 2/3) 
1.12 DanceOff (Season 1) (Part 3/3) 
1.13 Bleeding Addiction 
1.14 Mickey's Paranormal Outhouse 
1.15 Movies 
1.16 Falling Apart (Season 1 Finale) (Part 1/2) 
Coming soon: Falling Apart (Season 1 Finale) (Part 2/2)

Season 2 (Click here for season two trailer!)
Coming soon: 1.01/18 Rise of the Stank
Coming soon: 1.02/19 Spiky Dude Reunion
Coming soon: 1.03/20 Jeff, the Greatest Man in the World
Coming soon: 1.04/21 Neo's GoPro Adventures

Once there was an ugly barnacle... The storyteller tells his last tale before killing himself.
Dust is illuminati. Tell your friends. Dust: An Elysian Tail is officially satanic.

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