Friday, April 11, 2014

Raze Adikes: A Telltale Games Expierience *idea

If you haven't been reading the TPOD Magazine, then you may not know that I have contacted Telltale games and asked them to make a game that I made an idea for. If you don't know who Telltale games is, they are a game creating company who make interactive games when you can make choices that effect your story later in the game. They have made games like The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, and more popular titles like Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People, and even more that you may have heard of. I love their games so much, I decided to send my idea to them. Currently, I am awaiting a reply, but soon enough, I will get one (hopefully) on if my idea is good enough for a video game of theirs.

Here is the email I sent to

My game idea is called Raze Adikes, about a demon boy named Raze Adikes, starts out in the series as a twelve year old assassin who works with four other assassins named Darkwulf, Ivy, DoT, and his brother, Puzzle. The five live in a whole different world hidden under the Earth's surface that humans have no access to thanks to an illusion portal. The game takes place in the year 2015, and in the past, years behind, the demons attacked as they tried to rule all of Earth. The demons slaughtered many people, including our hero, even when he was still human... Raze Adikes is half human, and half demon, by the way. When Raze is hired by the underworlds king, Malakai, to take out three creatures on the surface known as Regardi, Raze must stop them from releasing something that could destroy both worlds; Raze's father! Now, it's up to Raze and his team to take out the Regardi, while, along the way meeting some humans and they join the team as well! Drama forms, and things seem to be getting in the way of Raze and the gang! Soon enough, Raze has to make choices that could be the real end of the world! Will he survive the dangers of his own unknown past that he slowly unlocks? Will he be able to save everyone on this journey?

As usual, in your games, there are five episodes. Each episode will have a lot of action and drama, along the way, you watch the whole gang grow up all the way to the age of seventeen, as the war just seems to keep stretching out as the Regardi could be anyone! I imagine the art style of the game looking like it was drawn literally on a piece of paper, a pencil sketch look to it, with slightly messy colors and strange form to objects, and around the area, looking as if some things were erased, yet you can still see the indent from the pencil! Color pencils, of course, make the color. You get the point, right? You can make it anything, as long as it looks like it was drawn on a piece of paper and it's very cartoony. I imagine this because this is absed off of an old comic I made in the 6th grade called Raze Adikes, and my teachers and classmates loved it. This game will really, very much, change and fix the story I made a long time ago.

I have the whole story planned out. If you ask me to tell me what happens in every episode, I could tell you and if you'd write it down, you'd have the whole game right there. I have it all in my head. If you want to contact me and ask me about the game some more, I'd be more than happy to!

Together, I hope that we can make a game that turns out to be very good, since I imagine this being very epic not only to me, but to players everywhere! Please, reply to me if you like the idea or not. I really need some feedback on this.
So, what do you think of the idea, fans of the portal? Tell me what you think in the comments or by email! Be sure to check into this journal for updates if there are any!

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