Tuesday, April 8, 2014

SunWorms announcement 2014

Once again, I have another story coming soon called SunWorms.

   SunWorms is about a boy named Paul. Paul has many challenges in his life, and it seems like more things are being piled onto him. It's not only his homosexuality, not only the fact that his brother likes to push him around and beat him up, not only that he doesn't have many friends, not only did his mother die a year ago, but he is also being bullied, and his father acts like he can't do anything about it all. Soon, his father actually tries to help him, but fails as he sends him to a school where he stays there for almost all of his life, and Paul thinks his father tried to get rid of him. Sadly, things are any better at the school, but soon, Paul finds out that things aren't so bad after all. This book talks about the life of Paul Grey, a boy who feels like he is abandoned.

   SunWorms will have a lot of real life problems in it, and shall stand up for a few things. The book will contain some interesting things that may disturb some readers, such as homosexuality or abuse. But, I am writing this book as a stand up to the world, trying to speak out somehow. You'll know when you've read the book for yourself. I am trying to really make this something special, my best work yet, my highlight out of all the books I get published.

SunWorms is recommended for a mature audience for containing the following of strong language, sexual references, homosexual content, abusive themes, detailed descriptions of blood, depression and suicidal references, and more that may disturb the reader.

The world is a better place for the people who can dig into it.

Coming Soon this summer 2014

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