Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New game + new D(X)UG reboot + more

I am working on a new game! It's being created using a program called Quest (textadventures), where you can create your own gamebooks or text rpg's. So far the program is simple and fun to use! What am I making with this free to use program?

It's called bReAkOuT: Apocalypse, and it's going to be the first in a franchise called bReAkOuT. This first edition is about a man who doesn't remember anything about himself, where he is, or what's going on. He explores a city he awakens in, only to discover a worldly apocalypse has begun. Now, the whole world is infested with strange creatures that are hungry for his soul, strange tombs and puzzles to pass through, and the fact that everything is being sucked into a black, infinite void where it is stomped into nothingness in a non-existent galaxy. Now, this man must survive for as long as possible and maybe find a way out of this nightmare in the first of the bReAkOuT franchise, APOCALYPSE.

The next thing I wanna talk about is a reboot to D(X)UG, which I changed the name to Doug: Paws of the Guardian. This new trilogy is, of course, about our young adult german shepherd Douglas Angelo. He of course works together with Lucario, Steelio and Bengt, just like last time. I am re-writing everything in an all new three-part series, where he must find his parents, which one thing leads to another, and eventually, he must save the world from it's end. It's gong to be more action-packed, full of more drama, emotion (i will be trying to make this a really good one) and all together a masterpiece. I have already started on this new project and I am not sure when it will be done. Please, if you wish, read the original series (in BOOKS tab)! Doug: Paws of the Guardian, will have more info released soon...

Here are the order of the book I will be writing in the future and try to complete:
  1. SunWorms (Already finished with, trying to edit and spiff up a bit.) (Thanks Omar, for reading.)
  2. Doug: Paws of the Guardian BOOK 1
  3. SunWorms 2
  4. Doug: Paws of the Guardian BOOK 2
  5. (I have an idea for some new mystery murder series, more info on that when the time comes.)
  6. SunWorms 3 (Finale)
  7. Doug: Paws of the Guardian BOOK 3 (most likely finale, depends)
  8. (sequel to mystery murder series idea)
  9. ???

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