Monday, March 31, 2014

Greetings from the portal!

Hello once again! It is me, Troy Chittock, from the portal, back again with some great news!
   Yes, this is my new website, my blog. I am no longer using Wix, it just doesn't work with me the way I wish it could. So, I am returning to Blogger so blog and post more easily!
   I know, I have a few blogspots created by me, but this one is my official Troy Chittock blogspot, the official Portal of Doom, the real TPOD.
   So, things are gonna be different around here. I'll explain them in just a sec... once I got the design down. Just come back here and you'll find some tips on how to navigate around here.
*update : Navigation is easy. Just use the tabs on the top of the page. The STORIES tab takes you to all the books I have written or what I am working on. The ARTWORK tab takes you to one of my deviantart pages where I draw some pretty awesome stuff! The COMICS tab lets you see my awesome comics!
   Just to mention, you can advertise your blog or website using my [AD] slots! Just ask in the comments or by email if you want to be advertised! More info on empty slots.

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