Monday, March 31, 2014

Portland September ComiCon

I am, in fact, going to the comicon in September! I went to the comicon in January, running around, playing with other fans like a normal guy, but this time, I will be advertising my own comics and products at my own table! Yaay!
   I will advertise the following at my table:

  • VISIONS : A horror comic about a boy named Mike, as he wakes up in a strange new world full of the scariest things he shall ever see... This will be a single comic with over thirty pages of horror and gore!
  • Raze Adikes : Based off of an eight-part comic I wrote in the sixth grade, it's about a demon boy named Raze Adikes as he is forced to work together with the humans on the surface! This will be a trilogy book series.
  • ()v@!$ : This is currently still a work in progress, this is about a boy named Jim, and he has been abused by his mother for far too long! He escaped the torture and teams up with a furry wolf, and they attempt to make a better life, yet everyone is hiding secrets from each other! This will be a series, each issue will contain five to six pages, and all episodes will make a season, like a television series.
  • ICE COLD : This one is about two worlds, one the element of water and the other of fire. Ever since the beginning the worlds have been at war, using a portal that if you walk into it, it transports you to the other world. In both worlds, contains two curious children, Prince Flame and Princess Wave. One of them gets a bit too curious, and causes more than just war, the both of them being wanted! But, they are unaware of a third rising element! This will be an animated film containing the songs Carry On by. Fun. and My Body by. Young the Giant.
If you miss this years ComiCon, don't worry! These products will be available online after the event! VISIONS will be available in the COMICS section, Raze Adikes in the STORIES section, ()v@!$ in the STORIES and ARTWORK section, and ICE COLD in the MOVIES section (coming soon).

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