Monday, May 19, 2014

New game in development!

   Well, recently, I have started a new project for a new book that I would continue working on after I had SunWorms complete, as in of text editing and making sure I don't need to work on it in the future for it being complete and finished.

   My next book (possibly, currently in writing) will be called bReAkOuT eScApE fRoM rEaLiTy (BreakOut: Escape from Reality). The book will be about... well, honestly, it's not about anything to mind. The main story is about a man named Beku, as he tries to visit his cousin Raot, but he suddenly has to go through a series of insane challenges that has to do with his sanity and his will to live and to proceed, and I tried to make it so the book almost follows your actions, so it's as if you are the one who is trying to do it all. I'd say, from the preview I had just released, it's going out pretty well.

   But, now I must talk about the game! I just discovered this new program called inklewriter, where you can easily and simply write up your own choose your own adventure, where you can read a book about making choices that effects the story you read! I am using this inklewriter system to write a bit of a sequel to the book, called bReAkOuT - CLAUSTROPHOBIA (BreakOut: Claustrophobia). This new edition will be about a man who actually knows nothing about himself, except that he awakens in the middle of a land of grass plains, and he tries to discover his own past, but he first must embrace himself in a series of challenges requiring his mind and actions, and if he chooses wisely, he may remember his past, and discover a secret about the world he knows! It will feature many tough choices to make, and will have over five alternate endings to it!

   I am writing it up rapidly, and I may of a demo version complete in a few weeks or so, and I might have to add a new tab for games or something, or I may just put this game in the stories tab. I'm still thinking about it.

   I hope you enjoy the game, once I'm done with it. You can read the preview to Escape from Reality on my Booksie page, and you can find a link to that page on the Contacts tab. I'm very excited to make this game, and I think it's going to be fantastic!

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