Monday, May 12, 2014

Updates v.007, v.008 and v.009

Here are the things that have changed for the three most recent updates to the blog:

  • v.007
    • STORIES tab has been changed to BOOKS.
      • The BOOKS tab shows covers to each of my books and their descriptions, including links so you can actually read them.
    • The ARTWORK tab no longer shows links to my deviantART pages, as those have been moved to my Contacts tab instead. The page will even tell you that you need to go to the Contacts tab to see them.
      • Exclusive artwork will be added to the ARTWORK page soon so it's not so useless.
    • There are new contents in the Contacts tab so you can find more pages involving me, including links to my Booksie, TeenInk, and more!
    • Small adjustments about text, sizes, and more.
    • You can now see how many page views the blog has using a new tool on the bottom of the page titled Total Pageviews.
      • There is also a new tool where you can see random pictures of cute puppies. I had to add it, so don't complain. It's useful when you need to cheer yourself up with cute puppy pictures. So that makes the blog 2% less dark! How cool is that?
  • v.008
    • Monster Killers is now being dis-continued and will be brought back (eventually), so the tab is no longer being shown.
    • The Forums tab has been removed and is no longer being supported.
    • TPOD News tab has been removed from my inactivity and how useless it really was in the first place.
    • Small adjustments, again.
  • v.009
    • The BATB tab has been removed since I might not even continue the website anyways, and I might as well just share my speeches elsewhere.
    • More small adjustments.

Future updates include:
  • Adding a MUSIC tab (for the SunWorms soundtrack and more).
  • Changing up the other tabs such as the MOVIES tab and the COMICS tab somehow.
  • More small adjustments involving text and tab sizes.
  • Probably a new gadget of some sort.
  • Adding The Doom Digest tab I mentioned in the previous post (read it, it's quite important).
    • These updates may result in the version of v.010 and v.011.
      • I'm not sure when they'll arrive, and I'm not sure if they'll result in the final version of the blog. Depends on what ideas I have left.

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