Monday, May 12, 2014

SunWorms + Future updates + The Doom Digest + More...

Alright, I got a few things to talk about. So here they are.

   I have finally finished writing SunWorms, ending it with over one hundred-thirty pages and twenty-two chapters! Now I need to re-read the story and fix my mistakes and make sure everything is the way I want it to be so it can be released on the blog and other locations this June! Then, I'll put it into a hard cover version in an exclusive special edition including bonus' and extras in a special version of SunWorms at the Portland ComiCon this September! Hopefully around the end of the year, I'll have SunWorms published for it to actually be read in public libraries!

   Another thing about SunWorms, I've been re-reading it and I've recently realized that the book is so good in detail and atmosphere, I thought a movie was running in my head and I heard music playing in the distance, and the music I heard was so good, I knew I had to find a way to let other people hear what I heard. So, I'll be working on a SOUNDTRACK for the book! I know what your thinking, 'A soundtrack for a book? But it's not a movie or a video game! Books don't have music!' Well, I'm giving SunWorms music by writing music and I'll upload it online so the readers can listen to the soundtrack and read the story at the same time by using a website address in the book.

   The soundtrack will not cost anything, it can be listened for free, by download or other methods I come up with when I'm done with it. Once the book is good enough so you have to pay to read it, the money you pay to read the book is good enough for me so you can get a soundtrack with it. I'm planning the soundtrack to have quite a few songs on it, more than seven of them, from what I can see. I'm not sure if the soundtrack will be done when June hits, so you might need to expect a version without an address to the soundtrack, and that version will come out sometime after June.

   As you can see the website has had a huge update on design. I love the new design much more than the design I had before, but this is not a final version (obviously). Better versions are on the way!

   If you read the SunWorms part of this post, than you might have learned that I have decided to add music to the book. I'm deciding to add a Music tab to the blog, once the soundtrack is complete, it will appear and become part of a new version of the website. So, be on the look out for a new Music tab most likely to come shortly after June arrives.

   Another thing about updates, I'll be adding a few new contacts to the Contacts tab and changing the design so it's more simple and easier to know what you are reading. So, that tab will be changed soon. In fact, I'll be fixing most of the tabs' pages to look different, plans on changing the Stories tab will be changed to Books and will actually show the cover to my books and if you click on the title or the cover, it will take you to the book itself, and more.

   Also, I'm deciding to remove the 'TPOD News' tab, since I don't use it much anyways and it's not really needed, since I got blog posts to make instead. So, that will be removed shortly as part of a new update for the website. I'm also removing the TPOD+ tab and all of it's contents since it was a messy and bad idea in the first place.

   Big updates are coming soon, and a final version will arrive eventually, but not for a long time, as you can see. I'll be working on the blog rapidly once summer arrives.

The Doom Digest
   This is a new thing I'm going to be doing from time to time, called The Doom Digest. It's when I complain about a bunch of things and answer some of life's questions in either my theories or simple facts. The first post of The Doom Digest is about who won 'The Console Wars of Xbox and Playstation' and a future episode will involve how good Gravity Falls really is and more.

   You'll be able to access The Doom Digest in an upcoming update, when I add a new tab that leads you to the page for yourself, most likely going to be named 'The Doom Digest'.

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