Thursday, May 8, 2014

SunWorms coming soon!

Well, I have finished writing SunWorms with a total of 137 pages and 22 chapters! I am currently working on spell checking and fixing up sentences. But for now, here is some more information on it.

I have chosen some of my most trusted friends to review the book for me so they can tell me what they think and mark any errors I have made that are obvious. Once that is done, I will start printing out the book, most likely not hardcover. I will also try to make it available maybe for free on the site and on other sites, it depends on how much I improve on what I have right now on the completed edition.

In Portland, there is going to be a September ComiCon this year, and my old teacher Ms. Patti is going to help me get in for free using a VIP pass (since she is always there to support me) and I will get my own table for the products to be sold and introduced. There, you can buy a hardcover version of SunWorms including exclusive bonus' including deleted scenes (because there are a few of them), a few sneak peeks of future projects, art work, and a few more things.

I am very excited for what the future holds, and you can read a free preview right on the blog or at these other location, which the preview includes the first five chapters. Enjoy!

Read the free preview on Booksie.
Read the free preview on Google Docs.
Read the free preview on TeenInk.

SunWorms will be coming soon this June for free or costed reading and will be shown off for purchase at ComiCon this September. The book will hopefully be published for purchase in libraries and book stores around the end of this year.

JUNE 2014 - Available on the blog.
SEPTEMBER 2014 - Available for purchase at ComiCon.
END OF 2014 - Published at book stores. (Possibility)

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