Thursday, June 19, 2014

D(X)UG Dual Dimensions Announcement



D(X)UG Dual Dimensions is the sequel series to my original story D(X)UG: An original TPOD series. D(X)UG was the real first book I ever wrote with over one hundred pages and I planned getting published, but instead I'm leaving for my fans to read for free on the blog. But, I got so connected to writing D(X)UG, when I was done I was so disappointed. But, a spark came into my mind, and I realized a sequel was required!

This new addition is after the original war with the Caltrax and Lucius, the one Steelio fought in and won with Bengt and they rebuilt society. But, in the Caltrax dimension, the dead spirits roam, which is where Doug and the rest of his team live and watch the living as an invisible, untouchable omen.

The team try to accept that they cannot ever come back to life and go with what they have, but when rumors go around the dimension that at least five spirits have been resurrected and brought back to life, people think Victor is hiding something, and the team go in to investigate to see if the rumors are true! By doing this, they cause more trouble then they expected, and a whole new war could be possible. Meanwhile, Steelio and Bengt, the only survivors on the team, have a problem of their own... They're being watched, and now both worlds are in danger all over again, but it's a new threat that is rising in the living world, and an old one begins a new in the Caltrax world.

Steelio's war is done,
but our's in just beginning.

The series will also contain some new characters, including Steelio and Bengt's parents as seen in the final episode of the original series, a lizard named Omar, Doug's brother who died back in the original series very quickly, Kevin's brother, a poison dart frog named Hercules, a fox named Austin, and a few more awesome characters.

I have no ideas on when the story will be done, but I'll release it in seasons, just like last time, and when all of the season's are complete, I'll put them into one giant book for all to read, once again, for free on the blog.

I hope some of you are excited, and look forward to more updates on the series and the story!



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