Monday, June 16, 2014

SunWorms sequel, teaser trailer, new books in writing

     Okay, I got some serious stuff to tell you guys about that I honestly think you are going to enjoy! I hope it makes some of you happy!

     First of all, I am considering making SunWorms into a trilogy. I'f you have read SunWorms, it had a decent ending to it right? Well, I realized shortly after I released it on June 4th, that during the high school times, college, and some of middle school, and even his past, I left out a lot of Paul's past. This is because I thought those were the least important things to mention. But I now realize you guys need to know these things for some stuff to make sense. So, a sequel to SunWorms is in the works, and a possible third to make a trilogy. So be on the look out for more SunWorms on the way!

     Also, I have another new project in the works, which I am going to make a surprise to you all. This teaser trailer can be found in the BOOKS tab. This short article is showing you what I have so far of a whole new project I am working on, and I think some of you will be very happy to read it... But be warned, it may contain spoilers to the book D(X)UG, which is also located in the BOOKS tab... So you should probably read that first. *wink*

     I also have another new project in the works called CORE. This is an interactive RPG choose your own adventure, where you can make your own hero is a some what Mad Lib as you make choices and fill out blanks as you create your own fantasy story. The main story of the game is that your hero once lived in a world where he was trained in a camp called Potential Camp. But, when a darkness consumes your home and kills your family, you have to live on your own and swear revenge upon this evil and free the land you live in, or destroy it yourself in your own dark path. The game will be in a large, fantasy world with fantasy creatures, spells, and more. It will all be a choose your own adventure and will contain many alternate endings. Once I make the original game and release it on the blog, I will make a special edition called CORE: Unburied Edition which will contain extras and a complete guide to the endings, stats, characters, and more, including lost chapters and more awesome extras.

     I definitely have a lot more to talk about, but that other stuff isn't so important right now. For now, here is all this stuff, and I hope you all are excited!

     More info on the SunWorms sequel will be announced sometime this month and next month and will put out some sneak peeks and artwork later. Info on the teaser trailer's full story will also be announced hopefully sometime around the next week. I will tell you more about CORE and my other projects eventually, and I think CORE will be released sometime around the end 2014, estimated for how big I plan to make the plot and world! It's that big!

Look forward to this new stuff and more exciting features in the near future!

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