Wednesday, July 9, 2014

September Portland Comicon 2014 PLANS

There is going to be a ComiCon at the expo center in Portland this year in September, and I am going to get a table there and sell a few things. Let me give you all the deatails you need to know for when the day comes.

I will be getting a table, still not sure where, but it is where I am going to sit and sell copies of my titles and such. I am planning to self-publish copies of SunWorms, including a few exclusive extras for behind the pages or something and also artwork and more. I am planning it to be $4.99 when I sell it, but it depends on the extras and how much I add/take away in the final version. I still have to proof-read it a few more times as I shall print out a paper copy of the whole thing, mark any mistakes, edit it and proof-read the digital version and fix those mistakes, print out a paper copy again, and repeat the process until it is flawless. I should get this process done before my due date.

I will also be selling more like some artwork, short-stories, and a few other things I come up with and decide to sell. I will definitely be selling SunWorms.

The way I am going to be getting in and getting a table is by, one way, my teacher back at my old school Clear Creek, Ms. Patti, said on my last day, that when the ComiCon comes by, she'd get be a VIP pass and a table, and she'd be there with me to help make business and give me some exclusives and stuff! It's exciting, but if plans change, my family will be helping me with that instead.

I am very excited to get my stuff out to a much bigger audience, and soon the portal will become a bit of a bigger deal if I get enough buys! I hope you are there when this all happens, to support me, just say hi, or even buy some of my stuff!

See you in September, and stay tuned for more stuff before the due date!

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