Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The SunWorms Trilogy (Future ideas, etc.)

In this post, I will be explaining what I am going to do with the series. Will there be a sequel? A third? What will they be about? I am going to tell you all right now.

Of course, you already know what this book is about (the first). SunWorms is about Paul Grey, as he grew up with his nice mother, nice father, but always rude brother. When the mother passes away, the father undergoes a deep depression, stops caring about Paul, and is left alone with failing at school, being beat up by his brother and not knowing how to make friends. When his father decides he's had enough, he sends Paul away to a place called SunWorms Academy. It looks like a prison on the outside, and a courtroom on the inside. He fears the future, as he must live in this place until after his college years. When he discovers the place is actually a school, and is really neat and nice, he tries using his time here to redeem himself from his ruined past and prepare himself for a better future after all.

SunWorms: Aftermath (Sequel)
The second to the series will continue the life and development of Paul, and his interaction with his academy friends in the real world. He is used to it, and everything seems to be going well for him. But, when a teacher at SunWorms Academy calls for Paul and tells him she needs his help with something, he heads back to the academy to see what's up. When he's told about a young child who's going through all kinds of issues, related to his old problems and a few new ones, he supports this young child, Jason, as he grows up in the academy, Paul meanwhile does other things to support the academy (while having issues in the real world), and all kinds of things change for Paul, his friends, and almost everyone he knows.

SunWorms: Final Origin (Third/Final)
The third and final book to our trilogy will answer the questions people have been asking. "What happened in Paul's old school? Where did it begin for Paul, and how will it all end in his life?" Well, this is what the third book will be. Book 3 will take place in two times; before the first book, and after the second book. Every once in a while, the time will switch from past to future. The past will talk about his time with his mother, and how his father used to be nice, and how he did in his old school, and  how it all went to hell and everything went wrong. The future will be about him having to deal with old age, and watching as some childhood memories  have to be taken away from him and life flashes before his eyes in his absolute final days. This once will probably be the most emotional, which is why I'm so excited to get here.

Overall, this will be a fantastic series to write and I hope you all join me along the way, hopefully getting SunWorms published and again, hopefully getting the sequel and final books published.

But, another idea has sparked. SunWorms was only 140 pages, which is long enough to be a full on book, but is still short overall. An idea is that I get one, two, and three published, but make, in the end, one whole book, containing the entire trilogy for a longer, official book? I will see if that is a good idea as I go.

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  1. I really like the idea for the second sunworms. We could learn more about Paul, while also figuring out who this new character is.